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Assisted Services

We can assist you with every aspect of your move, whether you are buying or selling, these are some of the services we offer in addition to our residential sales department.



Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) give potential buyers an upfront look at how energy efficient your property is, how it can be improved and how much money this could save.


Mandatory EPCs for homes were first introduced in 2007 and if you're selling your house you're legally required to have an EPC in place.

We continually monitor who are the best value and most reliable EPC providers so you can be confident that you’re not paying over the odds for this service.



If required, we can recommend a house clearance company that is locally run to contact you and arrange for a free, no obligation visit and quotation that will be professionally and sympathetically handled.


We work closely with a vastly experienced and local independent financial advisor whose advice is completely impartial and unbiased.


With access to the whole mortgage market you can be offered the best products to suit your individual circumstances.



If you ask us to recommend a surveyor, we’ll make sure they have a good knowledge of the local area and the various property types within it.


Similarly, if you're buying a very particular type of property, such as a listed building or something with an unusual construction, it pays to source a surveyor that specialises in such properties.



Whether you're just moving around the corner or much further afield, we are able to organise competitive removal quotes from firms that we trust to deliver the service you require.



We deal with solicitors and licenced conveyancers every day, so we're able to recommend local firms that match high service levels you would expect from us. Many buyers and sellers are loured into using internet based or large call centre type solicitors by cheaper advertised fees.


In reality these solicitors hold up transactions because they don't know the area nor are they familiar with the type of property. In many cases the service levels are unacceptably low and you end up never speaking to the same person twice.

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