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We understand that making the decision to sell your home is not always an easy choice to make. This is particularly applicable if you are unfamiliar with the moving process or have lived in the property for a long time with many happy memories. We strive to make the process as stress free as possible and limit any inconvenience from start to finish. Of course it is important to achieve the best possible price for your home but it is of equal importance to find a genuine buyer who is understanding of your circumstances.

Our team has arranged and accompanied approximately 15,000 viewings meaning that we have plenty of combined experience in highlighting the key features of your home. As a business we’ve made a conscious decision to always accompany every viewing we arrange. We offer this service after normal working hours in the evenings and of course at weekends.

Working with and listening to homeowners over many years it has become apparent that very few wish to conduct their own viewings with many preferring to be absent from the property entirely. We believe there are many benefits to setting up viewings in this way but primarily we are able to gain honest and comprehensive feedback which buyers can be reluctant to give in front of the homeowner.

It is important to ensure the quality of a viewing is of a high standard. We are not interested in wasting your time or ours by showing somebody around who is the equivalent of a property ‘tyre kicker’.

To try and limit the inconvenience to all parties involved we often arrange viewings taking place back to back. We can also if necessary offer viewing or open days for sellers who would benefit from that approach.

A concern of many homeowners who are absent during viewings is making sure that care and courtesy takes place throughout the appointment. We often require buyers to remove their shoes and make sure that all children are closely supervised. Our responsibility is always to keep a watchful eye on the buyers and of course adhere to all security arrangements that are in place.

When agreeing a sale alongside the financial aspects of a transaction, the other key element is often timescales. There are many reasons our clients may choose to sell their home but the majority do so with a view to buying another within the local area. We always aim to find you a buyer who is financially sound and able to will work with you, giving you as much breathing space as required whilst searching for your new home.



When searching for your new home, you can easily become dismayed by not being able to find your dream home straight away. One thing that Brantons promise to all our vendors is priority access to new instructions; sometimes even before they are photographed and launched to the internet.

There are many reasons that you may have chosen to move. Our clients often have specific requirements in their search. You could be looking for a bungalow, retirement flat or just something with a larger garden. Either way, it is important to find the right property and Brantons will assist you every step of the way.

Our client’s individual needs are discussed in our daily sales team meeting and any new instructions that could be suitable will be offered to you on a priority basis. This gives you the advantage over other potential purchasers and as a result of this, many of our vendors buy through Brantons. There is no doubt that the transaction is always smoother when it’s dealt with by the same agent.

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